Saturday, November 16, 2013

Just some stuff I thought you might want to see....

Tessa is the cutest

Covering her hears while the blender roars

Chase took these pics

he even took this close up!

Chase lost his first tooth!

They love being together

The boys had a great soccer season

Tessa was mostly a trooper at the games

But after a couple hours of soccer she sometimes broke down, poor baby!

Mostly she just wants her daddy and gets upset when he is coaching from the other side of the field!

Monday, January 7, 2013


We had an awesome Christmas in Utah!  
It was so incredibly hard to come home.  Highlights included lots of time with family
skiing on a crazy powder day, sledding, watching the snow, fondu/dance and much more!

The Nativity was the best it has ever crying!

Sledding behind the 4 wheeler is so much better than hiking up the hills!

Riding the new FRont runner train up to Temple Square was an adventure

Quinn and James built a rockin Igloo

Jack and I made glass flowers at the glass blowing 
studio up at Thanksgiving Point

It was a very new and different experience

Tracy and James threw the best New Years eve party since 1999! 
Complete with fondu and dancing the night away.

Tracy was so gracious to take pics of the kids at the last minute on our last day!

And the funny face

The funny face

 Thank you 1 thousand times Tracy!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fam Pix 2012

I love doing Family pics in the summer!  Tracy is awesome.  Tessa was so grouchy and Tracy was still able to get some beautiful shots of the family.  Thank you so much Tracy!!  You can check out all of Tracy's stuff at:

This shot was a miracle shot.  Tessa literally only looked at the camera once!

"Ahhh!  No kisses Daddy!"

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I got the privilege of cheering my awesome siblings do the Spartan Beast half marathon. 
 They ran 13 miles over rough mountain terrain and completed over 30 grueling obstacles. 

Yes, she is floating.
 Mark talked Julie into doing the race, she was very apprehensive about the whole thing.  She did not want to injure herself and compromise her marathon running. She made comments about the possibility of quitting and not even finishing. 

Mark signed them up for the "competative" heat.  That means they were the only group wearing red armbands, had priority at the obstacles if there was a wait and were in the running to place overall.  
They were so incredible to watch!
He floats too!
 Of course Julie didn't give up, she is much too competitive for that!
 My other awesome sister Tracy snuck behind spectator lines to capture these up-close shots, way to go Tracy!
 They were neck and neck throughout the race.  She would get ahead of him on the running and he would catch up on the obstacles.  The running was her true strong point and she beat him by about 7 min. 
Not only did she not quit...she placed 4th over all the women!!  She was seconds away from winning the third place dagger!  She amazes me.  She is already signed up for next year and has plans for improving her time.  She wants the first place spartan helmet. 

I love this shot of Julie and Brent at the finish!  True love!
 I cant wait to watch them to it again next year!  I am planning my summer trip around it.